Brian Hogencamp

Inspired by what is revealed through continuous learning, practice, and study, Brian has taught since 2004 and mentored students to teach since 2011. In 2004, he attended Geeta S. Iyengar’s …

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Sharon Friesen

Sharon is a movement coach and has been teaching people how to exercise better since 2001. A friend asked her to join an Iyengar Yoga class in 2008 and she …

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Christine Rondeau

Christine first discovered yoga in early 2000. Since then, she’s tried various forms of yoga but none captured her interest as much as Iyengar Yoga. She completed her Iyengar teacher …

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Christine Rondeau

Valerie Speidel

Founder of Studio-be, Valerie has practiced yoga since her teens, focusing on the study of Iyengar yoga since 1995, and teaching since 1998, with certification in 2004. Since then, she has …

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Val Speidel

Arezou Moeini

Arezou Moeini has been a dedicated practitioner of Iyengar yoga since she began her practice under the guidance of the senior teacher, Mahyar Raz, 22 years ago. Arezou has always …

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Lily Dos Remedios

Lily is a joyful and dedicated instructor. She is devoted to her yoga practice and with the Iyengar tradition brings forward her knowledge, as she assists and guides you on …

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Lily Dos Remedios

Sarah Godfrey

With her clear and insightful teaching, Sarah hopes to ignite the passion for yoga in others so they too may experience its transformative qualities. She has been practicing Iyengar Yoga …

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Grant Richards

Grant Richards began practicing Iyengar yoga in 1990 to complement his soccer pursuits, as well as to alleviate recurring back pain. He completed his teacher training under the guidance of …

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Grant Richards

Baya Hammoudi

Baya Hammoudi has been studying Iyengar yoga since 1990. She travels regularly to the Iyengar Yoga Institute to study directly with the Iyengar family in Pune, India, the origin of …

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