About Us

Run by a small group of volunteers, our association offers high-calibre learning opportunities, such as workshops, bursaries, and community events. Our membership is diverse, ranging from longtime certified teachers to enthusiastic new students. Our larger goal is to promote the discovery and exploration of B.K.S. Iyengar’s teachings.

Honorary Members

Carol Brophy, Sue Fraser, Sara Gerring, Heather Graham, Eve Johnson, Claudia MacDonald, Ingelise Nherlan, Anne Stanley and Alice Sundberg.

Elected Board Members 2020

President: Terri Damiani
Treasurer: Bridget Donald
Membership Secretary: Christine Rondeau
Workshop Registrar: Terri Damiani
Members at Large: Bibigul Amirova, Deborah Peake, Tanya Marusech and Nancy Zyrmiak

AGM Documents

2018 – 19 Financial Statements

2019 AGM Minutes

2017-18 Financial Statements

2018 AGM Minutes

BKS Iyengar Assoc. Bylaws Sep 2018

Summary of Changes to Bylaws