Workshop with Ann Kilbertus

by Nancy Zrymiak

This past March our association hosted a 2-day workshop led by senior Iyengar teacher, Ann Kilbertus. It was our first in-person event in three years and it was good to be back! We were a smaller than usual group of 28 but with our mats and props all laid out we seemed to be just the right amount of people for the hall. Ann taught with compassion, shared wisdom, and guided us through 3 1/2 wonderful hours of asana and pranayama each day.

We started each morning with the Invocation to Patanjali and I can say it was emotional. Chanting together – the sound and maybe the vibrations, the energy – it brought tears to my eyes, and I wasn’t the only one. Several people had the same reaction.

The fact that our workshop took place at the Ukrainian Hall in Vancouver was not lost on us. Ann decided to donate half of her proceeds to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal and we followed suit; our Association donated $1000, half of our proceeds.

Thank you to Ann for a wonderful workshop, to all those who attended, and to everyone behind the scenes who made it happen!

Virabhadrasana 1

Virabhadrasana 3


About the Author

Nancy first discovered Iyengar Yoga in Bangalore, India in 2010. It took only one class to convince her that yoga was for her… for life. She completed her studies under the guidance of Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, Louie Ettling and is now a certified Iyengar yoga instructor. In 2016 Nancy travelled to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family. She teaches in New Westminster.  Follow Nancy on Instagram for more information.