Sailing with BKS Iyengar

by Christine Rondeau

In 1984, the first Iyengar yoga conference was held in California and for the first time, North Americans were exposed to his teachings and expertise. Following the conference, Mr. Iyengar spent a few days In Victoria, Vancouver and Edmonton.

During his stay in Victoria, he went on a trip on a sailboat and although he was on “holiday” and the setting wasn’t that practical you can see in these wonderful photos, that yoga on a boat can be done. Next time you are on a sailboat, don’t let it stop you.

About the Author

Christine completed her studies in 2019 under the guidance of Louie Ettling and Patricia Fernandes at the Yoga Space. She first discovered yoga in early 2000. Since then, she’s tried various forms of yoga but none captured her interest as much as Iyengar Yoga.

The discipline and knowledge is what keeps her coming to her mat every day.