Props at Home

by Linda Shevloff

While doing my practice today I got to thinking that perhaps some of you would be interested in a prop of mine. As I don’t have room for a backbender in my condo, this chair with a back bending extension is a boon. It is my normal folding chair but it has an attachment which is curved and once attached, transforms the chair in a backbending bench.

Chair with backbending attachement

It is a very good support when I want to remain in viparita dandasana for a longer time. I originally purchased it from an Australian company but it was manufactured in China.

Another one of my favourite home props is this sectional setu bandha bench that I can store in my closet because it stacks into a small unit. It’s something I designed years ago and then had a carpenter make it. I can use a single box on its side to become a sirsasana support. I put a chip foam block or two inside to narrow it. It is also possible to stack one box on top of another for a halasana support. I have to place a sticky mat between the boxes so they don’t slide, so it’s a bit tricky but it’s also very handy during these times.

Stackable setu bandha bench

It’s nice to have a range of versatile props at home.

This article was originally published as two separate articles in the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria newsletter.

About the Author

Linda Shevloff has been a yoga practitioner since the 70’s. She’s a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher currently living in Vancouver and teaching at several community centres.
She founded The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong and was one of the first teachers to be invited to go to in China.