Jayne Lloyd-Jones

Jayne Lloyd-Jones

Level 2

EMAIL: jaynelloydjones@gmail.com
WEB: http://yogainsaltspring.ca/
TEL: (604) 657-4329

Jayne Lloyd-Jones has practiced yoga since she was a teenager. She was introduced to Iyengar yoga 30 years ago and finds the calm and energy it generates essential to help balance her busy lifestyle. Jayne had an Iyengar yoga studio on Salt Spring Island for eight years and now teaches a weekly class as well as private lessons. Please contact Jayne for the location details of her class.

Jayne has been recording classes and posting them on her YouTube channel for you to do at home at your leisure. Subscribe to her channel to be alerted when new videos are uploaded.

Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre
Thursday 9:30 - 10:45am All Levels