How to Connect Cultures Without Language

by Bibigul Amirova

Interview with Iyengar yoga teacher, Linda Shevloff.

Linda Shevloff shares her yoga journey in Canada and Hong Kong from mentoring with Shirley Daventry-French, meeting BKS Iyengar for the first time in Victoria, and to, years later, hosting him in Hong Kong at her own studio. The most fascinating part of the interview is when Linda described what it was liked to teach yoga in Hong Kong.

“I taught people who didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Cantonese, I really had to use the art of demonstration… and they would be in class and would still be getting something out of it because it’s the yoga, not the language.”

What brings people to yoga in different parts of the world? And what keeps them coming back? Yoga students and yoga teachers will be interested to hear Linda Shevloff’s profound insights to these questions and more.

About the Author

Bibigul completed her studies under the guidance of Louie Ettling in 2019 and is now a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Bibigul teaches in English and Russian, her native language, and currently serves on the board of the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association in Vancouver. She is excited to share her passion for integrating the wisdom of yoga practice in everyday life.