Connecting Students and Teachers

In this time of COVID-19 no one is left unaffected. Many of us are anxious, isolated and have no way of knowing what’s to come. The world has changed, but we have an opportunity to make it better. Abhijata Iyengar recently sent a letter to the entire Iyengar yoga community to help guide students through this difficult time. Here is a small excerpt that may resonate with each of us:

“We are confined to our homes and Nature has forced upon us a time to just pause. Though courage is an asset for a yoga practitioner, equally important is sensitivity to the present moment. This is a forced time for self-study for us. Your practice sessions now can be so enriching because you are practically locked down. Take up asanas, pranayama, concepts and books that you always shoved under the carpet. We always complained we had no time on our hands. Here it is. Find the joy in quiet practice sessions. Find the actions and responses in each asana and pranayama.

It is also an opportunity to sit back and revisit any of our actions, reactions and decisions. In the hustle-bustle of everyday living, we had taken many things for granted and did not quite reflect on those, both on the mat and off the mat. Here is our time to do so.”

Abhijata’s words are encouraging and uplifting. Indeed, we now have time and permission to focus on our own practice.

Stay in touch with your teachers

Although we can’t go to the studio, we can reach out to our teacher via email, phone, skype, zoom, Facebook… you name it, the means are there. We encourage you to reach out to your teacher if you need some guidance with your practice or just to say hi. Please see the teachers page on our website for contact information.

We are happy to let you know that some of our teachers are now teaching online. We have added a virtual classes section on the teachers page where you can find who is teaching and their contact info. Taking a virtual class is not the same as going to the studio, nor is using a rolled up towel the same as a bolster. But hey at least you won’t have to fight traffic to get there!

Check back often as teachers continue to update their offerings.

Stay in touch with your teachers, with each other, read Abhijata’s letter and we will practice together again the moment this threat has passed, to a world that is hopefully slower, cleaner and gentler.

This post was written by Christine, Nancy and Terri on behalf of the board of the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association (Vancouver).