Yoga for a Good Night’s Sleep Workshop with Luci Yamamoto

Dec 9, 2023

Back by popular demand!

Sleep is second nature to us, yet sometimes elusive. If yoga affects body and mind, can it help to stabilize our sleep cycles?

In this workshop, we’ll first do an energizing sequence geared for morning awakening, an important key to sleeping at night. We’ll eventually shift to calming poses and longer holds for winding down. We’ll also explore sleeping positions, breathing, progressive relaxation, and resetting your system when you can’t fall asleep.

2-4pm, December 9, 2023, $36

This workshop is part of my “Monthly Iyengar Yoga Tune-Up” series at Kitsilano Community Centre. Participants should have approximately one year of yoga experience and no major injuries. Props are available but, if possible, please bring your own mat, strap, blanket(s), and any particular items that you might need. For this workshop, also bring an eye pillow; if you don’t have one, we’ll use a folded blanket with a tissue.

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