Hip-Flexor Releasing Workshop with Luci Yamamoto

Jun 10, 2023

Do you sit too much? Like me, you’re probably active, not sedentary—and yet can’t avoid sitting for hours at the computer! In that position, hip flexors hold tension from prolonged flexion. To “reset” them back to normal range of motion, yoga poses can be helpful.

In this workshop, we’ll start with lunges and Warrior I to open hip flexors and quads. We’ll then explore Bhekasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Supta Virasana, and other poses that require ample prep work for most of us. Since tight muscles can simultaneously be weak, we’ll also do targeted flexion to strengthen the psoas, a key core muscle.

2-4pm, June 10, 2023, $36

This workshop is part of my “Monthly Iyengar Yoga Tune-Up” series at Kitsilano Community Centre. Participants should have approximately one year of yoga experience and no major injuries. Props are available but, if possible, please bring your own mat, strap, blanket(s), and any particular items that you might need.

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