Sun Salutations Workshop with Luci Yamamoto

Feb 25, 2023

Surya Namaskar (“bow to the sun”) are dynamic sequences that invigorate the whole body. They link forward-and backward bending with the breath. The poses can feel effortful, but they’re familiar ones, just done consecutively.

In this workshop, we’ll first warm up the wrists, feet, hamstrings, and hips—to facilitate more freedom of movement. We’ll then practice the basic sequences, step by step. We can tailor the poses to your level and body type by using appropriate props—and by moving carefully and precisely. I love Sun Salutations and hope that you, too, will enjoy these iconic sequences.

2-4pm, February 25, 2023, $36

This workshop is part of my “Monthly Iyengar Yoga Tune-Up” series at Kitsilano Community Centre. Participants should have approximately one year of yoga experience and no major injuries. Props are available but, if possible, please bring your own mat, strap, blanket(s), and any particular items that you might need.

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