Rx For Neck and Shoulders Workshop with Luci Yamamoto

Oct 22, 2022

As cerebral creatures, humans frequently hold tension near the head—in the neck and shoulders. Our modern lifestyle, connected to digital devices, means that we’re often hunched over screens, head bent forward. It’s no wonder that we feel upper-body tightness, even pain.

In this workshop, we’ll do a variety of poses to address overly tight neck and shoulder muscles. We’ll do a combination of shorter holds, repeated multiple times, to warm up the body—and longer holds for deeper release. We’ll also use massage balls to break up soft-tissue tension. Please bring a tennis, lacrosse, or dedicated massage ball.

2-4pm, October 22, 2022, $36

This workshop is part of my “Monthly Iyengar Yoga Tune-Up” series at Kitsilano Community Centre. Participants should have approximately one year of yoga experience and no major injuries. The community centre has a decent prop supply, but please bring a mat, blanket(s), any other props that you’d prefer using—and a massage ball.

Register here with Kitsilano Community Centre.