Terri Damiani

Terri Damiani Certified

Certification: Intermediate Junior II
Studio: The Yoga Space; Creekside Community Centre
Website: www.yoga2go.ca

You can expect a warm, welcoming environment to explore and discover your true potential, guided by a kind and compassionate teacher. Yoga brings a connection to our self and a connection to others. Terri brings systemic, methodical teaching interwoven with imagery and infused with humour to help generate symmetry and equanimity of being.

Terri has studied with many gifted, senior Iyengar teachers; traveling as far away as the RIMYI in Pune India and as close as The Yoga Space in Vancouver, BC. Certified at the Intermediate Junior II level.

“I am grateful to be part of a lineage that supports me, provides direction, and encourages me to evolve. My practice has sustained me through life’s frustrations and challenges—acquiring strength without rigidity, both physically and mentally. Yoga has given me grace and steadiness on and off the mat.”