February 2009
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"When the gardener plants an apple seed, does he expect the apples to appear at once? Of course not. The gardener waters the seed, watches each day, and feels happy seeing the growth. Treat the body in the same way. We water our asana and pranayama practice with love and joy seeing the small progress." (B.K.S. Iyengar, from Light on Life)

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Birthday Card
2009 Board of Directors
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Hello friends,

Happy Spring!
Yes, we've decided that winter is over. One encouraging sign is the number of spring workshops popping up in our community. Our local teachers' workshop series features two events in March: Dhana Musil's yoga for children on Sunday, March 8th and  Jayne Lloyd-Jones' "Embracing Backbends" on March 29. Also, we'll be welcoming two teachers from much further afield. Gabriella Giubilaro from Italy (March 13-17) and Birjoo Mehta from India (April 16-19), both seasoned teachers who have studied extensively with the Iyengars, will be coming to Vancouver to share their knowledge with us. 
This spring also marks my first season as newsletter editor. I'm excited about reviving Yoga Vancouver in our new electronic format, and I'm hoping it will soon reflect the vibrancy of our commmunity. Please join in this project by sending me your ideas, suggestions,and feedback about the newsletter.
In the meantime, read on for the latest information on our upcoming workshops, a glimpse of the birthday card that went to India with Louie Ettling, and an introduction to our 2009 Board of Directors.
Bridget Donald
BKS Iyengar Yoga Association
A 90th Birthday Card for Guruji 

2008 board

It was 11 inches tall and 81 inches long, a combination of archival photos and birthday wishes from students all over Vancouver, folded like an accordion to fit in Louie Ettling's suitcase.

Those of us who saw it at the AGM thought it was splendid and believe that Guruji will be touched by the devotion of his Lower Mainland students. You can download the entire card by clicking here. Perhaps you'll find your own signature. 

Workshop News

Gabriella Workshop Update

gabriella teaching prasarita padottanasan
There's still time to register for Gabriella Giubilaro's workshop, starting March 13th.
If you've been considering the workshop but you don't have four years of Iyengar Yoga experience, take heart.
As long as your teacher will vouch that you have a solid, safe practice and have no injuries, you can attend.
Gabriella has asked that participants be able to do headstand and shoulder stand. In both cases it's acceptable to do the poses at the wall.
Gabriella, who lives in Florence, Italy, has studied extensively with the Iyengars in Pune. She teaches workshops all over the world and has taught in Vancouver several times. Students in our community have enjoyed her clear, focussed teaching style which is combined with friendliness and a great sense of humor.
You can download a copy of the application form by clicking here.

Sunday Workshop Series

Children in Dhana's classOn Sunday, March 8, local teacher Dhana Musil will teach an afternoon workshop called "Introducing Children to Iyengar Yoga." It's for children who are six years and older, and there's still room for your little ones to join. Adults who would like to observe the class are also welcome to register. It will be at The Yoga Space from 2-5 p.m. Contact Corrie Vorlaufer, workshop series co-ordinator, for registration (604 761-0074). For more details about the workshop or her regular classes for children, get in touch with Dhana through her website by clicking here.

For a complete listing of Iyengar Yoga workshops and events, visit our association's web site
Meet Your New Board

The B.K.S. Iyengar Association held its 2008 AGM on Saturday, January 24, at Radha Yoga & Eatery on Main St. in Vancouver. Rose Marie Rodden travelled farthest, from Maple Ridge, but all of us battled formidable traffic jams to get there for tea, cookies, and annual reports.
We are delighted to welcome Sarah Godfrey, a past president of the association, back to the board as a member at large. Val Speidel, who does such a great job of maintaining our website, has agreed to come on the board, also as a member at large. We also welcome Sue Fraser, a new board member who lives in Horseshoe Bay and studies with Louie Ettling.
Here are the Board positions as they stand so far. 
The 2009 Board
Past President: Eve Johnson  
Vice-President: Gerie Primerano
Treasurer: Alice Sundberg
Recording Secretary: Katherine Morgan
Merchandise: Elizabeth Shaw
Membership Secretary: Niki Karmali
Members at Large:
Sarah Godfrey,Val Speidel, Sue Fraser

Minutes are available on request.  Email Katherine Morgan at katherineemorgan@gmail.com for your copy of the minutes.

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